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amelia veronica darling

Hi, my name is Amelia and I write usually at my sewing blog Veronica Darling. After Chinese New Year, I’m going to be running some workshops on the topic of blogging (and social media) here in Shanghai and thought… what better way to show a little more about starting a blog and growing a blog than to just make a new one. Especially using WordPress, because I have traditionally always written using the Blogger publishing platform… but wanted to try a free blogging platform that doesn’t need a VPN. So WordPress it is!

Firstly, a little about me… I currently live in Shanghai, China with my Husband & 3 year old son. We’re Australians, and moved from Melbourne in September 2014 for my Husband’s career in film & television commercial work. He’s a colourist and makes moving images look pretty. Usually, I’m a radio producer, and have been freelancing while joining a Professional Women’s Board of Directors and possibly working on some video projects this year.

I have been blogging since around 2001, while studying media & communications at university… one of my main lines of academic study revolved around hypertext theory & philosophies. So, we all started weblogs as students, and I haven’t really stopped writing, collecting thoughts, links, ideas and photos and videos and building communities. Digital Communities. One of our subjects at uni was called ‘Cyber Cities’ and it was an idealistic theory about connecting digitally and how technology will change our cities. But since so many of us use social media daily now and our phones have cameras (and really good cameras!)… Perhaps the idea of living in Cyber Cities is a real one in 2016.






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