Blog Club: Food Blog Ideas

Today is the launch of Blog Club! Shanghai Bloggers Society & M on the Bund’s Glam Bar – our lovely venue – have joined forces (ur, I guess I’ve joined their forces, as I’m the host & creator!) to create a special monthly gathering of blogging enthusiasts and each month we’ll feature a new established blogger from Shanghai! Beyond delighted to welcome Nancy from Plus Ate Six as our first guest blogger!
This blog here will be the main content platform… I’ve found it easy to update with or without a VPN, and it seems more apt to be gathering workshop ideas, related content etc in the one spot outside of my existing blog about sewing, Veronica Darling – Sewing in Shanghai.
Before any workshops or consultations, I’ll write a little blogpost relating to my research, so if you’re in attendance, you can pop along here and read up on the links I’ve spoken about… and I’ll follow up with any questions or further links (that might have come up in Blog Club) with another blog post.
So, the first topic for Blog Club is FOOD. I’m still amazed at the amount of recipes online, and also the different and new ways people are *writing* about food. Making food, eating food, taking photos of food, and going out to eat food and then reviewing the food, the staff, the venue, the decor. It’s absolutely endless and you’d think that by 2016 perhaps the ‘foodie culture’ might have peaked, but no! The HOT TAKE on food is endless. Or that could be ‘HOT CAKE’ perhaps? Yum, a hot pancake or two could be nice!
Here’s a cute little new Hot Take on foodie culture:
 A great new way to present a simple topic, tiny food from a tiny kitchen! Kitsch!
Also, when Buzzfeed get a whole part of their site devoted to a genre, you know it’s popular.. the website helped mainstream clickbait is probably one of the most shared content sites in my feeds… and they can even make broccoli delish (I love broccoli, so would always eat it!):
Also, the Buzzfeed camera angles in the above video is really new… I can only image the camera rig set up above the kitchen counter! The ‘from above’ perspective definitely evolved after Instagram’s popularity… up until that social media use, I’d always seen food dishes photographed from the ‘Diner/Nommers’ perspective… plates and dishes were mostly plain white with different background & table top accessories.
These days the ‘flat lay’ or ‘from above’ has a busy-ness about it, rather than a staged setting… sometimes hands and utensils are the accessories to look like real life.
Interesting what goes in and out of food culture fashion!
I’ll update some more foodie blog ideas soon!