Blog Club: Healthy & Lifestyle

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This week, we’re talking with Kimberly Ashton of Sprout Lifestyle here in Shanghai! She’s written a book about TCM Smoothies, but has been a writer, blogger and health & well-being practitioner and advocate for many years.

Here are some of the websites I used to talk about Health & Lifestyle blogging:

Some Health Blog Niches – by a Merry Life

Some Summer Writing Prompts – could be good for while you travel to get your thoughts together!


If you know two languages, and want to write bilingually on your blog:

I read Klara’s blog A Robot Heart she writes in Polish & English.

The Ten Commandments for Bilingual Blogs by

Bilingual Blogging by ‘A Rant, A Rave, and a Little Bit of Everyday Life’

A great ‘What to Think About’ blog post by Travel Blog Success.

How to Set up a bilingual blog using blogger by a nifty Youtuber!

and how to Set up a Multi-language blog using WordPress.




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